Located on the scenic mainstreet of Evolène, “La Paix” and “La Grange” offer a wide range of food that will delight the most demanding palates. The menu gives pride of place to meats on Evolène’s soapstone (slate). Whether tournedos, beef entrecote or duck breast, you can enjoy a tasty and fine meat cooked on this famous local stone.

“La Paix” and “La Grange” also offer you regional and local cooking in particular browned potatoes with “Tomme des Haudères”, mayen or shepherd (with bacon) macaroni, Hérens beef stew and polenta declined in 4 variations: Alp cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon.

Always in search of an innovative idea, a composition of dishes, a menu pleasant for his customers, Henri Georges, boss in the kitchen, cook for over 40 years, is fascinated by his job. At each service he likes to meet his customers, always worrying about their well-being.

We are pleased to welcome you to our place where you will be everytime welcomed!

Henri Georges – Marie-Jo Gessler